Organic Heirloom Lady Godiva Pumpkin Squash Seeds

Organic Heirloom Lady Godiva Pumpkin Squash Seeds

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Heirloom Organic Lady Godiva Pumpkin Seeds (8)

The Lady Godiva is the pumpkin that produces seeds called pepitas which is simply a pumpkin seed that has no shell and makes for an amazingly ideal snack and used in many other dishes.

Pepitas, short for pepitas de calabaza, is the Spanish word for the seeds of pumpkins and other large varieties of squash. In Mexican cuisine, pepitas are widely eaten as a snack, used as a versatile garnish for many dishes, and even to make cooking oil.

105 days. The popular naked-seeded pumpkin that produces seeds without the hard shell that develops on most pumpkin seeds. The seeds are ready to eat straight from the fruit, or better yet, roast with a little olive oil and sea salt and enjoy! High in nutrition and protein, they are nature’s perfect snack. The pumpkins themselves are quite attractive with yellow-orange rinds that are striped with green; perfect for decorations.



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